MARCH 2007

Spring cleaning for Trap Grounds

On Saturday 10 March a dozen or so volunteers answered Catherine Robinson's call for another blitz on the Trap Grounds rubbish.

Just to prove that it was spring, daffodils bloomed in the far depths of the Trap Gounds deep in a tangle of undergrowth close to the railway line.









Daffodils in the Trap Grounds, March 2007



Swans on the canal towpath



Catherine with a trampoline frame and an 18 foot 'snake' of rubber cable casing



The rubbish haul (with 'snake' in the foreground)



Another view



Just as the rubbish haul was complete there was a chance encounter on the bridge. Patrick Phipps (on left), who was born and brought up at 76 Hayfield Road just after the war, had returned for the day on a nostalgic pilgrimage. He is seen here, flanked by his brother, recounting memories to Catherine, who was by this time wearing her local historian's hat (or rather cap)



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